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Unbalanced hormones can make you feel like a wreck. Your hormones affect virtually every part of your body and wellbeing, so when they are out of balance you may feel the effects on many fronts. You may feel tired, weak and depressed, and your overall outlook on life may suffer.

Don’t put up with hormone imbalance any longer. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a popular, natural way to treat hormone imbalances and make you feel like yourself again! Your local BHRT doctor has years of experience treating people that have gone through exactly what you are going through right now, and they can help put you back on the path to wellness.

Explore some of the benefits of BHRT below and contact your local BHRT doctor to schedule your initial consultation and find a treatment option custom tailored to your body and your needs.

Better Sleep
Healthy hormone levels are critical to maintaining healthy sleep cycles. When your body loses sync with its normal sleep schedule, you can get stuck in a feedback loop where losing sleep disrupts healthy hormone production, which disrupts your sleep even further. Balancing your hormones can help get you back on a healthy sleeping schedule and improve your overall wellbeing.
Improved Moods
Our moods are informed by a complex web of factors. Day to day our moods shift along with our personal experiences. Being in a bad mood isn’t necessarily a sign of hormone imbalance; however, experiencing erratic changes in your mood or consistently feeling sour when you would normally feel upbeat are signs that something internal is disrupting your moods. By balancing your hormones, your can improve your brain chemistry and get back to feeling like yourself again.
Higher Libido
Sex drive is innately linked to hormone production, especially testosterone. So, when your hormones are out of balance, your desire for sex and physical contact in general can wane. This can lead to further symptoms of depression, overall changes in your mood and issues in your intimate relationships. Bringing your hormones back into balance can help to reignite your libido.
Lose Weight
Low estrogen levels can make it hard to lose weight. This is because estrogen is stored in fat cells, and when your body naturally begins producing less estrogen it attempts to hold onto the fat in order to preserve as much estrogen as possible. By receiving bioidentical estrogen through BHRT, your body will recognize the new source of estrogen and allow the fat to come off.
Stronger Muscles
Proper hormone balance is needed to build and maintain healthy muscles. Testosterone plays a particularly crucial role in building muscles in both men and women. If you’ve noticed an unexplainable loss of strength in conjunction with other symptoms of hormone imbalance, bioidentical testosterone supplementation can help you get your body back in shape!
Natural Solution
Bioidentical hormones are preferable to synthetic hormones because they are an exact chemical match to the hormones that your body naturally produces. They are also derived from natural plant sources, unlike synthetic hormones, which are produced in a lab. Synthetic hormones also include added compounds so that they can be patented, which means you are getting unnecessary added chemical components.
Better Sleep
Available In Many Forms
Bioidentical hormones are available in many different forms. This makes it easy to stick to a regimen because you and your doctor will determine which form is best for you and your body. Some common forms by which bioidentical hormones are administered include creams that are rubbed on the skin, tiny pellets that are inserted just beneath the skin, pills, patches, injections and more.

Discover The Benefits Of BHRT For Yourself

Ready to learn more about what BHRT can do for you? Contact your local BHRT doctor and schedule your first appointment with them. Together, you will find the underlying cause of your concerns and create a wellness plan designed to bring your body back into balance.

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